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Don’t fly too high!
Your wings will melt.
Don’t fly too low!
The sea will swallow you.

You are a young sportsman, Icarus or the master craftsman, Daedalus, creator of the Labyrinth for the King Minos. The king, is holding both of you imprisoned in a tall tower in the island of Crete. In an attempt to escape you construct two pairs of wings out of wax and feathers. Before you set out they are reminded of a warning not to fly too low nor too high, so the sea’s dampness will not clog their wings and the sun’s heat will not melt them, but to follow each other and stay close.

Your mission is to escape from the tower of Crete and fly with wings made of feathers and wax to return home. But the way is long, so you would have to make stops on islands along your way and avoid all the dangers that the Gods will send to prevent you from escaping. By collecting HealthPoints, Feathers and Wax and by avoiding all the monsters and obstacles that will show up on your journey you will have all the fun.