Sofia means wisdom.

Goddess Athena is the possessor of wisdom.

All the gods depend on her knowledge

All the gods seek her advice.

Goddess of Wisdom
I advise you to think before you act,
to look for the true meaning of things,
and to constantly acquire knowledge.

Children’s author Sofia Zarabouka has been delighting children for three generations with her texts and illustrations of ancient greek gods and heroes.

Sofia Zarabouka, winner of the Children's Literature Award from the Greek Academy of Letters and Arts, has written and illustrated many children's books. She became well known for her adaptations of ancient greek mythology and literature. Her works have been translated into English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Danish, Turkish, Serbian, Hungarian and Albanian. She is the recipient of many national awards.
Ithacan Mythologies brings Sofia’s original stories to life.
It is not a coincidence that her name is Sofia.

Earth was a beautiful woman.
She sat alone, looking at the Sky
blue during the day, black at night
filled with shining stars.
One night Sky beckoned to her.
That is, he set his stars twinkling.
Look at that, thought Earth.
He’s winking at me. I’ll talk to him.
And that was how they met.