The Pentatonic Lyre


The Pentatonic Lyre

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It’s said the lyre was invented by the infant Hermes on the day he was born. Orpheus played his lyre so beautifully even the rocks would dance. Songs were everywhere in ancient Greece, and the lyre accompanied athletic games, worship of the gods, and storytelling. From its name has come what we call lyric poetry.

Tuning was important, as harmony was connected in the Greeks’ thoughts with the Music of the Spheres. The pentatonic scale was not only a foundation of Greek music, it is used today by music educators to encourage creativity in children.

Singing with the Winds lets players express their own musical creativity with the help of the heroes’ own barbershop quartet, the Four Winds. Write your own songs, or play along with melodies for the four seasons and earn a visit from the Muse, goddess of musical enjoyment.

Learn more about Ithacan Mythologies’ music playing game, Singing with the Winds.

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